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Flt Sgt Cockburn

I’m Jimmy Cockburn, a Flight Sargent at 1249 Dereham Squadron. Interesting things about me include I love Star Wars, I’ve read Lord of the Rings about 5 times, I am a Christian and I am doing what most would say is far too many maths based A-Levels.  

I lead the NCO team and together we help the staff members run cadet night by teaching and leading drill (marching) planning nights and ordinary duties at the end of the night. I also help teach new cadets the Air Cadet progressive training syllabus and drill-from standing to attention to marching and saluting- amongst other things. 

I joined cadets originally because it felt like a natural progression after doing beavers, cubs, and scouts and as I enjoyed my time in these other organisations, the RAFAC just offered so much more. For example, I’ve learnt to lead and do drill, I’ve been flying, done my bronze and silver DofE and seen a huge amount of personal development in my own confidence ang my skill in areas like teaching and leadership all through my time at cadets. 

Sgt Tooth

I joined cadets back in January 2017. At the time I was quite a shy person who barely saw the sun due to being in my room all the time. My squadron really helped me come out of my shell and discover new things that I had never thought to try before. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in drill and leadership exercises.  

My Favourite memory from my last 4-5 years within cadets is my first time at wing field camp. This is a weekend long camp in which squadrons go head-to-head in various events. A few examples of the events are as followed: 

  • Raft Building 

  • Aircraft Recognition 

  • First Aid 

  • Archery 

Plus, many more. The bit I loved about the weekend specifically was the team spirit shown by everyone both within the squadron and outside of it. It felt like such an exciting, yet welcoming environment. The best example of this was shown during the raft building. Our raft fell to pieces almost instantly, yet we all had a smile on our faces and laughed about it. Other squadrons offered their help to at least get us away and it was a good time knowing everyone has each other's back. 

Cpl Allan

I joined cadets in September 2018, my favourite activity so far is Fieldcraft which is great fun as you get to learn about movement in the field, and I recently did a night exercise which was amazing and quite eerie! I am currently working towards my senior cadet classification so I can progress in the ATC. Later this year I am also looking forward to completing my silver DofE and obviously getting a shiny new badge! I’ve made great friends in the Air Cadets and would recommend it anyone. 

Cpl Beale

I have been a cadet since September 2018, and my favourite thing that I have done so far, is the sports activities especially paddleboarding. It was great fun, and although I fell off many times, eventually I learnt a new skill! Cooking night is also great fun, seeing all the delicious and interesting things everyone comes up with is so exciting. I love doing the Remembrance Parade each year, representing the Squadron and paying my respects. Air Cadets really does offer something for everyone. It makes me feel really proud to be a part of this organisation. 

Cpl Woodhams

I joined cadets in September 2018, my favourite activity that I have done so far at cadets in going on camps such as Fairbourn. They are great fun getting to know new people and doing great activities such as going mountain biking and leadership activities. I also love having sports nights at the squadron as it brings us all together and it is great fun. I love being part of the squadron as I have made loads of friends and learn loads of new skills. 

Cpl Lyons

I’ve been at cadets since September 2018, my favourite thing about cadets has been Adventure Training and DofE. It really expanded my personal beliefs in my abilities to exceed my own expectations. I loved helping at race for life as I enjoyed supporting a great cause such as Stand Up to Cancer, this really made me proud to be a cadet. 

Cpl Blackburn

I joined cadets in 2018 and have enjoyed all the activities I've done. However, my favourite activity has definitely been my silver DofE award. It allowed me to expand and demonstrate my abilities whilst in the field and means I got to progress onto my Gold DofE. I also really enjoyed my time volunteering at the squadron and learning new skills as it helped me grow as a person. 

Cpl Blackaby

I have been at cadets since July 2017 originally at 1894 Sqn, 1249 made me feel at home immediately. My absolute favourite activity is Fieldcraft, it really changed the way I look at the world and has practical uses for a RAF future; being a part of a section gives a sense of family like no other. The parades paying our respects to all that came before us gives us all a sense of immense pride. 

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